Friday, February 14, 2014


Today was one of those days that your mind tells you that you can do something, and your body just says
"no way!"
Some months ago, I had opened the attic hatch in the garage, and noticed two bare wires sticking out of a junction box. Well, old geezers have a way of letting things like that gnaw at you, with all kinds of scenarios playing in your mind. So, with the weather being a little warmer today, I decided that I would crawl up there and put wire nuts on the wires and put them back out of harms way.
Now that sounds simple enough, but the box was deep in the attic through a maze of beams and supporting cross members. I finally snaked my way back there, sat on a joist and made the repairs. But, when I got ready to make my way back, the legs turned to jelly! Now, what am I going to do! This called for some deep thought and planning. After about fifteen minutes and several rest stops, I was back at the hatch, down the ladder and resolved to never do that again!
Just another example of a 35 year old mind, trapped in a 70 year old body. The list of "no-no's" is growing way too fast!
We have been fortunate here in middle-TN this winter. It's almost like we have a bubble around us.
Only two big snow events, a little ice, and three nights of well below zero temps. However, just consistently
cold days that keep us closer to home than we would like. I know that many of my fellow bloggers have experienced a really brutal winter so far, and like many of you, I am so ready for spring to get here.

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