Thursday, March 6, 2014


Another gloomy day! It's hard to get motivated with ice pack still on the ground, and fog to boot! I'm looking forward to August when Spring will finally arrive.

Yesterday, after the dentist visit, we were starting the 16 mile trip back home and had to stop at a rail road crossing with the gate coming down. Now, there are no train tracks here on the ridge, so the coming train was a big event. Watching the engine approach, it brought back some good memories of when I briefly worked for the Illinois Central RR, right after high school. Back then they were phasing out the "fireman"
position in the engine, so I was out of a job, one that I knew would not last, but, for a kid of 19, it was great.
I learned a lot about life, from those grizzled old engineer's that I rode with. These guys had graduated from steam, into diesel, kicking all the way, complaining that diesel's just didn't have the power the old coal fired locomotives had. They had been there, and bought the T-shirt!
Finally the train was gone. Back to reality.

The days events will soon unfold, I don't know what the "better half" has planned, but I know I had better get with whatever program is on the agenda! Maybe just one more cup of coffee, here in my recliner would be acceptable.

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