Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This past week I was reading a blog that I follow, and the subject was "Solitude."
Now there is a word for you! The article, which was linked, really gave a person something to think about. I wonder how many folks truly enjoy solitude? Personally, I enjoy and value what I call "Down Time." or time spent with just my wife. Solitude, is harder to come by!

Both of our career's were spent dealing with the public, She, working in a library, and mine in the funeral business, So to me, solitude, has great value at times. We both put up with our fair share of nut jobs and crazies over the years. After we retired we felt we had had enough, time to pull in the horns, and drop out of the social arena. We still compare notes about some of the strange and twisted people we have run into over the years which is great conversation on a cold winter's night, some sad, and some hilarious. We do allow for the fact that we are probably just a little 'Wacko" ourselves!

The article did go on to say that too much solitude, can lead to boredom or can go in another direction where in, the person becomes a hermit. Now, that's a scary thought! I don't envision ever becoming a hermit, because I like to people watch. When I used to travel a lot, time spent at the airport was better than the circus coming to town!

Speaking of people watching. you had better have your head on a swivel in the parking lot of the big box stores.  Ours is located just off of I-65, and there are some really rough looking people that blow in off of it. There have been more than one occasion that I was very glad to have "Elsie P" strapped to my belt. It's easy to tell the ridge runners or local folks, from the thugs that are up to no good.
I have been in two different Not So Fast Food places of late in which I saw a couple of good old boy's open carrying their pistols. I don't think Tennessee is an open carry state, but I say more power to them. It's coming folks!

If the indicators are even close, this winter might be a cold one, and I still have plenty to do to get ready.

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