Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life Events

Sometimes life is like a box of Cracker Jack,  but instead of a prize, it's some untold event that jumps out at you. For instance, this morning the wife woke up with an inner ear infection, with the room spinning and very dizzy. Now, I can remember in my younger days, when I would wake up with the room spinning, and no amount of foot dragging over the side of the bed would stop it, but it was caused by dipping my snoot in John Barleycorn a little too deeply. However, this is not the case with her problem today. I must add that it is a miserable feeling, but in a few days she will be able to plow again.
What started out as a clear cool day, has now developed into an overcast, dreary day. At mid afternoon it's 68 degrees. We had a fairly good frost last night which will help turn the trees into Autumn colors.
Our little village will have the annual Harvest Moon Festival this week end. This event features local Bluegrass bands through out the day, and loads of food to enjoy. It's an event, believe me. The best part is observing the folks that come out of the hills. These 'ol boy's are the real McCoy! I'm pretty sure a fellow could buy a little "Shine" if he knew how to go about it. Speaking of shine, in my younger days, I was offered a half of a teacup full of it. I can tell you I left a pretty funny track the rest of the day! No telling what proof it was, but it must have been atomic grade stuff! I have been told that I WILL leave my banjo at home this week end. Those 'ol boy's would probably laugh me off of the stage! Dapper Dan and I have threatened to make an appearance as "The Long Hollow Boy's"
at past events. Maybe one of these days, but we would need a chicken wire screen in front of the stage. Some of you may know what that's about!

And so it goes!

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