Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Here on the ridge, I've been checking off the things that I needed to do to get the house and the yard ready for winter. Finally got the gas furnace checked out, to make sure it would keep us warm. Both vehicles have a new coat of wax on them and oil changes have been done, but the tires on the pick up are getting to the point of questionable replacement. Maybe I can get through the few snow storms we have here with them, if not, it's a two thousand pound sled!
The grass will more than likely need one more cutting around Halloween, then I can winterize the mower and lock it in the shed house for the winter. It was so dry here this summer that I only burned up fifteen gallons of gas in it, a new record low for yard up keep.
This is the first year that I can remember, that we did not take a long trip somewhere. In our younger days we traveled a lot, but, I think that because we saw so many places, the old "been there, done that" thing is setting in, and the comforts of home are hard to beat. We did, however, take a few day trips to the foot hills of the Smokies to do a little country road exploring. Just make sure you have plenty of gas and watch out for the kid on the front porch pickin a banjo!!
Our recent cold spell has us going through drawers pulling out warmer clothes. We did get to thirty four degrees a few nights ago, a little early for that low, just hope the winter won't be a humdinger.
Earlier this week we both got our flu shots. The next morning we both woke up with feeling like we had the flu! Took us four days to get back to normal. First time in years a flu shot has knocked us down so hard. We should have one heck of an immunity built up after all of the muscle aches of the past week!
I have been noticing that a lot of bloggers have been storing food for some kind of a problem they feel might be coming. We always have extra provisions on hand here on the ridge because of the ice storms we get. When these hills get ice on them, it's back to pioneer days until it's safe to travel, but reading these blogs, makes me wonder if a few more canned goods are in order. They even warn of neighbors breaking into your house to get your food. If bullets were canned goods, I'd be eating for a year. Maybe these folks know something, I should be knowing. Who knows!
We plan on voting early in the upcoming election. Mitt's the man, for us anyway. Nuff' said.
Enjoy the Fall, see you next time around.


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