Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Slummin !

Today we went "slummin." Around here that means driving the '95 Ranger, instead of the 2012 Honda Pilot!
Nothing better than driving up to a nice restaurant with the lot full of  $40 to 70K  really nice cars, and pulling the old Ranger right close to the front door of the place and going in. We always dress appropriately, but the looks you get are worth the trip. Just the reverse is true at Wal*Mart, the dirty old truck fits right in with the rest of the folks there, far as that goes, so do we!
There is something to be said for having an old pick up truck. Last week, we needed all new mulch for the flower beds in the front yard. I would have had second thoughts about loading a new F-150 with all of that black mulch. That stuff is like a printer cartridge exploded in a wood chipper, but the old Ranger just took it in stride, no harm done!
Her crowning glory happened some years back when she pulled a brand new Chevy pick up out of a mud hole at deer camp. Some how Ford screwed up when they made mine and put a locking rear end in it, so both rear wheels pull together. My friend in the Chevy doubted that I could do it and still tells the story today. I was so proud of the old truck I actually washed it when I got back home!!
On our trip today to Lowes to pick up some items, I realized that the Ranger is starting to age (like me.)
Some of the systems are getting a little weird (like me,) so I know there will come a time soon, that a trip to the mechanic will be in order.
Strange how we get attached to a vehicle that has served us well. Last week the wife mentioned that since we drive it very little, we might think about getting rid of the Ranger. Talk about a knife to the heart!! My old truck, Naw, I just couldn't!! No more slummin' or trips to the dump. Quick thinking was called for here, so I asked her if she would feel comfortable taking the new Pilot on one of our fishing trips to Old Hickory Lake? Whew! That was close, so a reprieve was granted!
Ford is no longer making the Ranger starting late this year. It has been a great truck and given me 96,000 trouble free miles. Maybe Ford made them too well, who knows!!
Now, I need to find a five star restaurant with valet parking, a slummin' we will go!

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