Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Runnin Down the Highway

"Two Weeks on the Road, and I'm Gonna Make it Home Tonight!" Now I know how the song writer felt. We arrived home a few nights ago after being gone for two weeks, attending to some family needs in western Kentucky. "The Ridge" looked mighty good turning into the driveway.
The new Honda Pilot did an excellent job for us, and I think it's the best Honda we have owned so far.
This one is number three. Now, the wife with her bad knees can get in and out of it easily. Such was not the case with the previous Accord and it's low profile. Now it has finally hit me, why geezers drive big old comfortable cars!
Being gone for a few weeks always means plenty to do upon returning. Bills, wash and provisions must be taken care of right away. The rest can wait a few days.
Where we were there was very little internet exposure, so I have been catching up on all of your blogs and working my way through e mail. You sure do feel cut off with out the net, but to some people it's a total mystery, especially where we have been in the strip mine area of Kentucky.
Now back to being retired, there is a garden to plant and fish to catch in Old Hickory Lake, and always grass to mow.

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