Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Green Thumb !

It's great to be back on the Gooble after a short set of problems that developed, from where I still don't know. I tried the suggestions from Buck and the Woodsterman, and the damned thing started acting right.
Glad I didn't take an axe to the laptop after all. Thanks again.
We spent a little of that Social Insecurity money making a raised garden spot. You've seen them on the TV garden shows, the 2 x 12's and then you fill the space with top soil, mulch, all the right stuff. Planted the tomato plants and other veggies. It is a total disaster! We didn't have room for all of the tomato plants, so I dug a hole in the old garden spot and threw them in, well, wouldn't you know, they are doing great, twice the size of the ones in the super soil. The raised garden was the wife's idea, so now I am being accused of planticide! You live and learn.
We are still having August type of heat here on the ridge, need rain, but it goes around us it seems. Need to do a rain dance I guess!
The Accord is due for it's 5000 mile check up which I am dreading. No problems with it, just that I get the feeling like being hit in the butt with a wet mop, when it's time to pay the bill. It's still under warranty, but we all know how that goes! This is our second Accord, both trouble free and unlike the Cadillac's I have driven in the past that liked staying at the dealership more than my garage! I must say though, the Cadillac's rode like a cloud and were very comfortable. The Accord's not so much!
Dapper Dan and I were discussing cars and we can both remember when a 1000 mile oil change was suggested for the cars of the period. Things have changed a little, huh.

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