Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Day in the Life....

Well it's Tuesday already, and so far this week I have not had my "borrowing neighbor" come over and ask to use something. I have never been selfish with my toys, always willing to loan anything that someone needed, but this guy must think we moved here just to be his own resource for what he seems to need that is" broken" or "not working right now". Case in point, a few weeks ago he came over asking to use a one inch socket and ratchet. I knuckled under and let him use it, breaking my own rule about never loaning out my tools. My tools have a sentimental value, as my step dad gave me a complete set of Craftsmen tools when I graduated from high school, which allowed me to tear down a whole lotta engines when we couldn't afford a decent car. Anyway, about an hour later he brought it back, spotless, with a light coat of oil applied. So far, so good! Then last week he came over wanting to borrow my riding mower claiming his drive belt was slipping. It took me by surprise as it really takes some balls to mooch some one's mower, plus the gas! Since the mower is almost new and belongs to my son on loan to me, I told him I wouldn't feel right loaning it out. I did explain to him how to adjust the belt tensioner to make the belt grip. You would have thought I just gave him a $100.00 gift card to Walmart!!! He had no idea that you could make the belt tighter. Now, I'm thinking the boy is one brick shy of a load!
Several weeks ago, we had a wind storm that took down one of his bradford pears, you can guess who's chain saw cut it up! I got to thinking about it and if he had cut a foot off, he would have claimed that I had loaned him a defective and dangerous chain saw and take me to court. I'm learning!! Fast!
On another subject, it was a banner week at Walmart for people watching. It was a light shopping day for groceries, I had just turned down an isle, and way at the other end, I saw an elderly lady reaching up for a cake mix on a top shelf, just as she got a grip on it her "step-ins" fell down down around her knees! Not wanting to embaress her, I grabbed something off of the shelf and pretended to read the label. Well, low and behold, she just stepped out of them and put them in her purse, just as though nothing had happened and continued shopping! Now at 68 years old, I  just thought I'd seen it all!!!!
Now, I know why nothing shocks me anymore.

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