Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mundane Rambling!

I took the Honda Pilot to the dealership today for it's scheduled oil change. Not exciting news there! The dealership had been previously been owned by an "old money" family, who really looked after their customers, the new owners, are a group of people, who appear to only be concerned with the bottom line, and boy, how it shows! I kind of felt like myself and others were getting the "bums rush"
today! There is still enough of the old south, in people that they can pick up on this very quickly, and oh, how they love to talk about a bad experience! So I'll go with the times and just suck it up and go on. I think it's time to find another dealership. Honda makes a great car, this one being my third. The others had almost zero problems, and I kept them until I just got tired of driving them. I do still have a Ford Ranger that is 22 years old and runs great, has a few minor problems, but hey, 22 years is pushing the envelope!

I think I have put on a few pounds over the winter. Today since it was warm, I pulled out a short sleeve knit shirt to wear. I put my clip holster for the LCP on and when I looked down, it was pretty obvious what was under my shirt!! Glad jeans have big front pockets, so I just plopped it in there.
I stopped at the local market for a few items, and when I went to pay, looked down, and the pistol had changed positions in my pocket, and made a pretty obvious bulge in the front. Now I'm in my mid seventy's, and if someone happened to take notice of it, I would have gotten the "bless his heart" which is southern for "the old fool!"  I hope Wally*World has some bigger shirts on sale!!

The rest of the week looks like mulching the front flower beds, the grand son's soccer game, cutting the grass (lawn) and might even get excited enough to was the two vehicles. And so it goes!


  1. We buy our cars in California and service them in Reno. The wife's last is a Jeep Patriot that I took to the Jeep dealer in Reno. They were down right nasty. I now take it to the Dodge Dealer who loves my business.

  2. Odie, good for you! Any kind of automotive service now days is a crap shoot, unless you have a good one.