Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And We Didn't Even Get Kissed !

A few nights ago, I was catching the national news on the TV.

They slid by the Social Security increase for this year so quickly, that I'm sure a lot of retired folks missed it.
I was bowled over by the 1.5% increase they said was coming. Now I have to try to figure out what I'm going to do with all that extra money!

The CPI figures the government uses,  is just another tool to screw old folks out of a reasonable increase of a few more dollars. We all know how groceries, property taxes and just about everything else has increased in price, and it's sure more than 1.5%.

It's pretty evident that the powers that be, would like to put all of us retired folks on an ice berg, and float us out to sea on a warm day! Their next big step coming in the revamp of Social Security! Boy, I can hardly wait to see what the dumocrats come up with. You can bet it won't be good, just more cuts and restrictions on people who can least afford it.

Generally, I don't blog about the government, at least not openly. Not much you can do until election time, just suck it up, tighten the belt and go on. But 1.5% is absurd, and a real kick in the pants to us old geezers!

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